Mehmet B.

I am a WordPress, and front-end developer. My interest in this profession stems from my passion for solving problems.

Initially, I was only busy creating websites, but I realized that the real challenge is to solve the problems that websites face. At this point, I not only improved my design and coding skills, but also started making efforts to find solutions to the challenges website owners face.

In my work process, I understood that I need to constantly improve myself in order to come up with solutions to the problems that website owners have. Therefore, I continue to work in a constant learning process, away from the work routine, by continuing my development in the solution processes. For me, this is not just a profession, but also a journey of continuous exploration and development.

Outside of work, I am interested in hobbies such as playing tennis, snowboarding, and reading books in order to make use of my time. These hobbies not only keep me physically active, but also help me stay mentally active and innovative. Balancing my life and improving myself outside of work is an important factor in increasing my creativity.